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Starting from Hind (India), Leila moves from one geo-cultural location in the region to another and develops her love for the cuisine. In order to entice her cravings and unforgettable impressions on her palate, we created a culinary voyage with the original flavors from each region. 

Chef Jassi Bindra sees LEILA as a marriage of cuisines that create an intricate food and beverage experience in Tyson’s corner. He brings to you enchanted stories and cuisines and a fabulous bar attached for cozy evenings spent amongst great stories.

We present you “Leila”, cuisine highlight of Northern India, Persian Gulf, and the Middle East. As appreciation for these “places”, we will be delivering unique flavors from all three cuisines, utilizing original cooking techniques, earthy spice blends, and authentic ingredients presented to you in a genuine and memorable fashion.

Leila will be a representation of a vast cultural society where street food is very popular. Although many have experienced these culinary styles independently, Leila will be their way to get it all under one roof.  The experience will be raw and reminiscent of millennia of gastronomic traditions, connecting people through spices, senses and the desire.